Introduction of restriction and prohibition lists in iChemistry


Introduction of restriction and prohibition lists in iChemistry

Chemicals and the usage of chemicals induces a risk both for us humans and for the environment. Therefore, we have restrictions and prohibitions linked to specific chemicals and substances both on a global scale and often on a national scale in addition.  

To make it easy for you to navigate through all these restrictions and prohibitions in the legislation we have gathered a selection of lists in iChemistry to help you filter which chemicals have specific prohibitions or restrictions linked to it. 

In this webinar we will walk you through both national and global restriction and prohibition lists, and how you can use them in your daily chemical work. 


In this webinar we will take a closer look at: 

  • Why restriction and prohibitions lists?
  • Which lists are global vs. national?
  • What packages of lists do we have? 
  • Additional lists


Who is this webinar for:

This webinar is for everyone who wants to know more about the restrictions and prohibitions lists in iChemistry. 


Duration: 30 minutes

When: 12th of June 14.00-14.30

Erika Sletten

Customer Success Manager